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Annual General Assembly 2019


The end of the 2018-2019 season for CPA Saint Laurent will conclude with the Annual General Assembly which will be held Wednesday June 12, 2019 at 7:30 pm at the sports complexe. Room 505AB.

You will find below the board positions for the 2019 - 2020 season, the election procedures as well as the nomination process. All nomination submissions must be received by the President of Elections, CPA Saint - Laurent, 2345 Thimens, Saint-Laurent, H4R 1T4, by June 7th, 2019 5:00 pm. Nominations received after 5 pm June 7th, 2019 will be refused. Nominations must be accepted and signed.

All associate members of the CPA Saint-Laurent of legal age have the right to vote. As per the CPA Saint-Laurent general rules, parents of minor aged skaters are considered to be active members and can vote on behalf of their child. Active members can vote only once for each position. The right to vote is not cumulative regardless of the position or office held within the club.  Active members must bring proof of identity to have the right to vote.

We look forward to your presence on June 12, 2019. Your participation is testament to your interest in the activities of the club.


The "Board of Administrators" appoints a president of elections who, in turn, will appoint two(2) deputy returning officer, if necessary. He will then read the nomination papers received and opened in the presence of the executive committee three(3) working days before the meeting. The deputy returning officers will distribute a ballot to every member eligible to vote. The vote will be held by secret ballot. After the voting, the deputy returning officers will collect each ballot; the ballots will be destroyed once they have been counted and the results checked by the president of elections and the two deputy returning officers. The candidates having received the most votes will be declared elected.

Each person can only vote once for each position. The right to vote is not cumulative regardless of their position or office held within the Club. Votes by proxy are not accepted.


Any member who is authorized to vote can nominate another member for an unfilled position on the Board of Administrators.

Only a member who is already on the Board of Administrators can be nominated to a position on the executive committee.

The nomination forms must be deposited at the President of Elections, for CPA Saint-Laurent by the date and time indicated in 6.1 Announcement. The nomination forms are provided under 6.5 NOMINATION FORM.

Please note that faxed or emailed forms will not be accepted.

With regard to the election of the coaches' representative, only professional coaches have the right to vote.


General annual assembly, Wednesday, June 12th, 2019  


1 year to complete


Election - 2 year term


1 year to complete


Election - 2 year term


Election - 1 year term


Election - 1 year term (elected by coaches)



The club MUST be advised of any required account updates 48 hours before registration. To obtain the maximum eligible discounts, you are responsible to provide copies of all updated information via email ( such as:
  • Photos or copies of a RENEWED CARTE LOISIR which replaces the Members' previous carte loisir which expires before the end of the month of the start of the session. (Fall-Winter: September 30th, 2019.)
  • Borough issued documents for Low-income families wishing to benefit from a discount. (Fall-Winter session only)
Registrations which have been completed without providing the mandatory documents and a confirmation of the account update will not receive the associated discounts. In accordance with the borough policies, no adjustments will be issued once the registration has been finalized by the account holder.