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Summer 2023 (not a day camp)

Intensive Day

Private lessons only - Cannot skate without a coach


Private and group lessons

Week 1
Week  2
Week  3
Week  4
Week  5
Week  6
Week  7
Week  8

26-30 juin
3-7 juillet
10-14 juillet
17-21 juillet
24-28 juillet
31 juillet - 4 août
7-11 août

26-29 juin
3-6 juillet
10-13 juillet
17-20 juillet
24-27 juillet
31 juillet - 3 août
7-10 août
14-17 août

Intensive Day - Semaine 1-7  (Private lessons only.  The skater is responsible for hiring a coach)          

(Les codes pour le soir se trouve dans la prochaine section)

Weeks 1-7

All groups (update June 23, 2023)

1ère session sur glace - 1st on ice session 8:35 – 9:35
Stroking 9:35 – 9:55
Flood 9:55 – 10:05
2ère session sur glace - 2nd on-ice session 10:05 - 11:05
Hors Glace - Off ice  11:30 – 12:30


Forfait INTENSIF (JOUR) Lundi - Vendredi /INTENSIVE (DAY) Monday - Friday

Recherche de code de cours/ Code course lookup

Semaine Groupe 1 / Junior - Inter 1 Groupe 2 / Inter 2 - Senior Session Additionnelle / Additional session
1 23E-G1W1 23E-G2W1 23E-MIXW1
2 23E-G1W2 23E-G2W2 23E-MIXW2
3 23E-G1W3 23E-G2W3 23E-MIXW3
4 23E-G1W4 23E-G2W4 23E-MIXW4
5 23E-G1W5 23E-G2W5 23E-MIXW5
6 23E-G1W6 23E-G2W6 23E-MIXW6
7 23E-G1W7 23E-G2W7 23E-MIXW7


Forfait Récréatifs (soir) -Evening Recreational Package 

Time Description Wk Recherche de code de cours/ Code course lookup
      Lundi / Monday Mardi / Tuesday Wednesday / Mercredi Jeudi / Thursday
17h35 - 18h35 Plage 1  Private lessons. The skater is responsible for hiring a coach.
Categories in private: Jr/ Int 1/Int2. 
Senior level skaters are not advised to register for this session.
Half Ice  Rink is shared with: Relève STAR - Starskate Development on Monday and Wednesay and CanSkate on Tuesday and Thursday
1 23E-A1W1 23E-B1W1 23E-C1W1 23E-D1W1
2 23E-A1W2 23E-B1W2 23E-C1W2 23E-D1W2
3 23E-A1W3 23E-B1W3 23E-C1W3 23E-D1W3
4 23E-A1W4 23E-B1W4 23E-C1W4 23E-D1W4
5 23E-A1W5 23E-B1W5 23E-C1W5 23E-D1W5
6 23E-A1W6 23E-B1W6 23E-C1W6 23E-D1W6
7 23E-A1W7 23E-B1W7 23E-C1W7 23E-D1W7
8 23E-A1W8 23E-B1W8 23E-C1W8 23E-D1W8
17h50- 18h35

Monday and Wednesay :

Dev Pre-STAR Class is available only by invitation 

Half Ice  Rink is shared with Private

1 23E-DEVGr1W1 23E-PPGr1W1 23E-DEVGr2W1 23E-PPGr2W1
2 23E-DEVGr1W2 23E-PPGr1W2 23E-DEVGr2W2 23E-PPGr2W2
3 23E-DEVGr1W3 23E-PPGr1W3 23E-DEVGr2W3 23E-PPGr2W3
4 23E-DEVGr1W4 23E-PPGr1W4 23E-DEVGr2W4 23E-PPGr2W4

Tuesday and Thursday :

PATINAGE PLUS/CANSKATE 1-2-3-4-5 Group lesson. Only available to skaters registered with Skate Canada for the 2022-2023 season
Half Ice  Rink is shared with Private.

5 23E-DEVGr1W5 23E-PPGr1W5 23E-DEVGr2W5 23E-PPGr2W5
6 23E-DEVGr1W6 23E-PPGr1W6 23E-DEVGr2W6 23E-PPGr2W6
7 23E-DEVGr1W7 23E-PPGr1W7 23E-DEVGr2W7 23E-PPGr2W7
8 23E-DEVGr1W8 23E-PPGr1W8 23E-DEVGr2W8 23E-PPGr2W8
18h35 - 19h35 Plage 2  Private lessons. The skater is responsible for hiring a coach.
Categories in private: Junior - Senior
1 23E-A2W1 23E-B2W1 23E-C2W1 23E-D2W1
2 23E-A2W2 23E-B2W2 23E-C2W2 23E-D2W2
3 23E-A2W3 23E-B2W3 23E-C2W3 23E-D2W3
4 23E-A2W4 23E-B2W4 23E-C2W4 23E-D2W4
5 23E-A2W5 23E-B2W5 23E-C2W5 23E-D2W5
6 23E-A2W6 23E-B2W6 23E-C2W6 23E-D2W6
7 23E-A2W7 23E-B2W7 23E-C2W7 23E-D2W7
8 23E-A2W8 23E-B2W8 23E-C2W8 23E-D2W8
19h45 - 20h45 Plage 3 Private lessons. The skater is responsible for hiring a coach.
Categories in private: Inter2 - Senior
1 23E-A3W1 23E-B3W1 23E-C3W1 23E-D3W1
2 23E-A3W2 23E-B3W2 23E-C3W2 23E-D3W2
3 23E-A3W3 23E-B3W3 23E-C3W3 23E-D3W3
4 23E-A3W4 23E-B3W4 23E-C3W4 23E-D3W4
5 23E-A3W5 23E-B3W5 23E-C3W5 23E-D3W5
6 23E-A3W6 23E-B3W6 23E-C3W6 23E-D3W6
7 23E-A3W7 23E-B3W7 23E-C3W7 23E-D3W7
8 23E-A3W8 23E-B3W8 23E-C3W8 23E-D3W8

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You are responsible to provide copies of all updated information via email ( 48 houres BEFORE registration:
  • Borough issued documents for Low-income families wishing to benefit from a discount. (Fall-Winter session only)
Registrations which have been completed without providing the mandatory documents and a confirmation of the account update will not receive the associated discounts. In accordance with the borough policies, no adjustments will be issued once the registration has been finalized by the account holder.