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STAR Group Lessons

The STAR Group Lesson program is a bridge for students coming from the CanSkate program. It is available to students who have completed Badge Level 5* or higher in the CANSkate program. It is offered in a group lesson format similar to CANSkate but with a higher instructor to student ratio. This is designed to be a bridge between CANSkate and the Skate Canada Star Skate Program. The STAR Group lesson skater must pick two sessions of their category. All participants must wear figure skates to qualify for this program.

*For the 2022-2023 season skaters who have passed their badge 4 may register for this program.

Badge 5 - Instruction choices

  • CANSkate (CS) vs. STAR Group Lesson vs. Private lessons.
    • Skaters who have obtained Badge 5 are advised to register in STAR Group Lessons, if they wish to continue in a group lesson format or in private lessons (Junior) for those interested in a more challenging stream.
    • Please note that those skaters who have obtained Badge 6 or higher cannot register in CanSkate. Your options are STAR Group lessons or registering as a Junior in private lessons.
  • STAR Group: Skaters who have obtained Badge 5 can register in our STAR Group sessions.
  • Private Lessons - The skater is responsible for hiring a coach and for registering for ice time. (please refer to the information below)

* Skaters who have obtained their Badge 5 from another club or who were not registered with the club for the previous Fall-Winter season cannot register in these programs.

Step 1 Choose a coach
Each skater who registers for a Junior, Intermediate, or Senior STARSkate session MUST also hire a coach for private lessons. For more details about the coaches eligible to teach at our club, please view the COACHES page. The coach you have hired will recommend the number of private lessons they can offer your skater each week. These private lesson fees are not included in session registration fees, and are paid to the coach directly on a regular basis. As a rule of thumb most coaches will recommend two private lessons a week. Parents are NOT allowed to coach or instruct from the boards unless they have Skate Canada certification and have been authorized to teach by the club.
Step 2 Register for your STARSkate sessions

Please confirm the lesson booking with your coach before you register.

Minimum registration 2 sessions per week;

A skater cannot substitute or replace the session in which one is registered for another one. One can skate in another session only if one buys a ‘patch’.

The skater is responsible to ensure that a coach is  present whenever a skater skates on their registered ice.

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Our club is a non-profit organization run by volunteers who ensure the club is managed in accordance with the regulations and policies of Skate Canada
You are responsible to provide copies of all updated information via email ( 48 houres BEFORE registration:
  • Borough issued documents for Low-income families wishing to benefit from a discount. (Fall-Winter session only)
The Saint Laurent issued Carte Loisirs is mandatory for the creation and update of any skater account. The Saint Laurent borough carte loisir system is not linked to the club registration system. Parents must submit a copy of any update to the club a minimum of 48 hours prior to the registration. Registrations which have been completed without providing the mandatory documents and a confirmation of the account update will not receive the associated discounts. In accordance with the borough policies, no adjustments will be issued once the registration has been finalized by the account holder.